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The focus of this Advanced Composition class will be Writing with/in New Media. We will practice writing in and across modalities and technologies that are both “old” and “new,” familiar and unfamiliar. We will consider how communication is mediated and remediated in the digital age, and we will draw connections between historical moments of print culture with that of contemporary technological advancement, considering, for instance, the many ways that technology has shaped the way we read and interpret (and, indeed, are ourselves read and interpreted). Some topics we will explore include emerging digital genres (websites, blogs, memes), digital storytelling, multimodal discourse, emoji poetry, type and typography, and interface theory. *Please note the change in course number from 310 to 294*

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Textual analysis: Students will learn to analyze and interpret a wide range of media such as narrative, nonfiction, film, television, and graphic design.
  2. Communication skills: Students will practice gathering, organizing, and communicating clearly and accurately, with particular attention to voice and audience. Students will experiment with a range of multimodal composing practices.
  3. Historical analysis: Students will understand technology and new and old medias as historical rather than a modern phenomenon, and consider the roles, functions, and histories of media.
  4. Multimodal composition: Students will write in a variety of public and professional genres and practice drafting, argumentation, organization, revision, and giving feedback.

Download a PDF copy of ENGL 293W syllabus here.